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Hide behind a Kai Mask and enter the dimension called fantasy.

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Zulu, Venda, Xhosa, Ndebele are the leading ones. You can also see the tin foil smooshed ends of the horns on the inside of the mask too, which helped keep the horns anchored while you're papier macheing them. Rosemary spends much of the year traveling throughout the US, working at festivals with her art, but you can always find her in New Orleans, on Mardi Gras day.

Will usually do 2 off routines during an evening dinner or function plus 'meet and greet'. Easily adaptable for fixing, hanging or using with a wide variety of our other props for maximum effect Foo Dogs, Hanging message scrolls etc Useful at an entrance or as a feature in locations like stage, food service area etc.

There are typicall a minimum of 3 variations custom paper mache masks decoration for each height, so over 21 tables only 2 or 3 are going to be similar. They are then decorated with fabric, feathers and floral leaves. Ffion was happy to wear my old traditional Welsh costume from when I was a kid, but Tomboy Carys was hell bent on being a welsh dragon, so we had to make her costume.

Stands are different designs but Lanterns are at exactly same custom paper mache masks and width spread so make a great pair.

Can be made water-proof, oil resistant and anti-static; They are anti-shock and protective. The beauty of using tin foil to do this part is that you can add volume really quickly and easily and it adds very little weight to the mask, and when the tin foil is compacted on it is very sturdy and easy peasy to papier mache over.

What we found was an enormous amount of information about the Halloween Haunt events. Highly reccommended Link to showreel available. Traditional rough type with one side rough and the other side smoother, usually for protective purpose during transportation, like wine shippers and egg trays; b.

For the teeth and eyes we used a bit of cardboard from a school shirt package and the white polystyrene from a pizza package. The collection of photos below shows from several angles how we cut down the handle and pushed it together to staple it into a shape that looked like it would work for the nose of the dragon.

custom paper masks

Accordingly, all materials used in our products are consistent with, and promoting of, the sustainability of the natural resources of South Africa. It is then coated with a lacquer finish so they will not discolor. Shapes can be customized. Depends on order quantity.

A mixture of demonstration to 'have a go' and a 'favour' for guests to take home such as Panda shown here. The past few years have seen the addition of different types of animals to her mask inventory, and she has more planned for the future. We have made plenty of stuff from the US Gallon sized milk jugs while we were living in California, like the Storm trooper helmet and the batman masks.

He began his study of Mask making in and continued his studies of mask making while touring Japan observing the Leather Garden and Pond work.


Isaac Johns Isaac is best known for his award winning costumes and his astounding leather mask creations. And here you can see how it fits onto the end of the dragon's nose to complete his face.

Can you make the packaging design for us based on our ideas or products.

Paper Mache Lion Mask Pattern

Ricebowl, Dipping Bowl, Mats, Chopsticks. All the raw materials are natural fiber-based renewable resources. Substantial and sturdy structure freestanding, with large upright columns. Here's Mr Dragon with his snazzy paint job. The tooling cost can be returned if quantity is big enough.

Display Item Full size 2 acrobat spectacular 'Northern' Lion Dance costume with an adjustable internal supporting frame to allow it to be used as a display item. Comes with cracker type gift and 'motto'.

Paper Mache Masks

The only mod used is a mold of a human face or a wig head used on the inside, which is then sculpted into the design in her head. Here they are tucked into the seam where the back joins the side of the head and stapled on.

Partnerships are created through joint decision-making from the point of design to the development of new markets. Simple hanging hook with powerful 12LED battery powered low wattage internal illumination if required.

Whether turning himself into a drooling baby in a stilt walking high chair or launching 6 enormous butterfly puppets in a Mardi Gras parade, this Vermont resident delights in parading his cabin fever for the entertainment of others. Manufactured from resin it is light enough for 1 person to lift.

Can be made by different techniques to achieve different surface efferts and price targets. I know this is is ridiculously involved and detailed tutorial, but I'm hoping that there will be some people who find the techniques we used useful in building other types of masks on the cheap, for example it wouldn't take much alteration to make this be a horse mask, or a unicorn mask, and with a change of underlying plastic milk jug structure and a bit of imagination I'm pretty sure you could make any kind of mask you want in this way.

Easy Pattern for a Paper Mache Lion Mask or Wall Sculpture $ The downloadable PDF pattern includes complete instructions for taping the printable pattern pieces together and finishing your lion with paper mache. Or make a custom mane with a softer material, like yarn or raffia.

To see how I made the raffia mane, watch the second video below. Sep 16,  · You’ll need enough pieces to cover your mask with three layers of newspaper and one layer of computer paper, plus some extra paper for molding facial features.

Step 4: Mix up some paste. Paper Mache Crafts. All Super Value Canvas Pack $10 each. Shop Now. St David's Day at school went well. The kids loved the school eisteddfod and enjoyed wearing their Welsh costumes too. Ffion was happy to wear my old traditional Welsh costume from when I was a kid, but Tomboy Carys was hell bent on being a welsh dragon, so we had to make her costume.

How to Make a Venetian Mask Homemade Paper Maché Mask Making paper maché masks is a great way to pass the time when looking for fun and interesting activities to enjoy with the kids. Nov 16,  · EVER WANTED TO MAKE CUSTOM MASKS EITHER AS WALL DECORATIONS OR MULTIPLE COPIES TO SELL AROUND HALLOWEEN TIME BUT DO NOT HAVE THE SKILL TO DO SO?

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Custom paper mache masks
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