Writing arterial blood gas results shorthand

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Blood gases

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Arterial blood gas test

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How to Write an ABG

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What Is an Arterial Blood Gas Test?

The test gives your doctor clues about how well your lungsheartand kidneys are working. A blood gas test measures the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood.

It may also be used to determine the pH of the blood, or how acidic it is. The test is commonly known as a blood gas.

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Your ABG Results What exactly do those abbreviations mean to your health? While you may know an arterial blood gas test measures gas exchange levels, you’re probably in the dark when abbreviations like PaO 2 and HCO 3 are thrown into the mix. Here’s a. An arterial blood gas test, commonly known as an ABG, is performed on blood that is drawn from an artery.

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It is used to see how well the lungs are functioning and to determine the effectiveness of respiratory therapies, such as the use of a ventilator.

Writing arterial blood gas results shorthand
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How to Interpret Blood Gas Results: 10 Steps (with Pictures)